If you are eligible for Canadian permanent residency, will you be categorized as either a temporary or permanent resident of the country? This is a question that many people may not know the answer to, especially because when you apply to live in Canada, you will likely be a resident of another country.

In most cases, people will still be citizens of another country in South America. With this, it is necessary to be clear so that you understand everything from what you're allowed in Canada as an immigrant, to what you should do if your visa expires.

As an international student or foreign worker, if you study or work in Canada temporarily, you are not considered a permanent resident. The same applies if you are a tourist that is visiting Canada. As a temporary resident, you are not allowed to vote, run for a position in a political party, or have a job with high-security clearance.

Nevertheless, there are still many benefits that you can enjoy, apart from those that you already get when you get the opportunity to live in Canada, including safety, free healthcare, and secondary education, beautiful landscapes and cities, political peace, economic stability, social acceptance and diversity in culture.


What You Can Do as a Permanent Resident in Canada

  • Get social benefits, including access to Medicare - Canada's government healthcare program
  • Apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Live, study, or work in Canada (if you meet the requirements of the province or territory you choose to live in)
  • Get protection as a permanent resident of Canada. In this case, the Canadian government must protect you under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and their law system.


To gain Canadian permanent residency, you will need to travel to Canada with a Permanent Resident Card, which is how you will present proof of your eligibility to legally enter Canada.

If you lose your permanent resident card, you must get a Permanent Resident Travel Document to be able to move to Canada, which can, unlike with the Permanent Resident Card, only be used once to enter Canada.


How Long Does it Take to Secure Permanent Residency in Canada?


To gain permanent residency in Canada, you must stay in Canada at least for two cumulative years in a five-year period. Once you get permanent residency in Canada, you are not allowed to spend more than three years in another country, as it will cause you to lose your Canadian permanent residency status.

You can lose your permanent residency status in Canada as a result of:


  • Applying with false documentation for Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, or other applications.
  • Giving false information for a refugee claim
  • Giving false information from your sponsor
  • Living more than three years in a five-year period in another country
  • Committing a serious crime before or after moving to Canada and gaining permanent residency (to be excused if you have a pardon for your crime
  • Being considered a danger to the Canadian government, due to spying, terrorism, treason, or your classification as a security risk
  • Committing war crimes or crimes against human rights violations
  • Belonging to a terrorist or criminal organization

Life Living the Canadian Dream


To gain Canadian permanent residency and start a new life that is full of opportunity, safe, and beneficial for your career and for your family. You must meet the requirements laid out by the immigration program you choose to get you to Canada.

While Canada may seem like a difficult country to enter and live in, if you manage to navigate the immigration system it's a walk in the park. Once the paperwork is behind you and you land in Canada, you can rest assured that you are in for the best quality of life yet.